Eyebrow tattoo cost Melbourne

eyebrow tattoo cost



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In salon consult fee of $50 which comes off your tattooing fee if you book in.

Feather Brows 

$ 400 

Microbladed Eyebrows using the feather touch tool with semi permanent pigment. We recommend at least one touch up session 4-6 weeks later 

Touch ups 

$ 180 

Colour refils are $200 with in the first 12 months, $400 for anything after 12 months

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It is obvious that you wish to know the cost of eyebrow tattoo before you get it done to you eyebrows. This eyebrow tattoo involves cosmetic procedure for some people it would be expensive for some it may not. Some think that spending money for eyebrow tattoo which can give perfect and well shaped eyebrows is worth it. Some wish to spend money on regular basis thinking not to spend too much of money for this eyebrow tattoo. Some clever and smart people think that it is good idea to spend money to get eyebrow tattoo which can give good look to your face for long period of time rather than spending money often for buying brow pencils and brow powder.

There are many factors to be considered before you tell the cost of eyebrow tattoo. Below are some factors we must consider.

Major consideration is geography. It is compulsory to know where you reside because different places have a different price for this tattoo. The cost also varies country to country, where you can find major differences in price of this tattoo procedure. Below is price table of this tattoo that costs in countries like America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

In United States it costs between $300-$500 and Follow-up $100-$150) in Australia it costs between $400- $800 and Follow-up $200- $250) in Canada it costs between $400 – $700 and Follow-up $200-$250) and in United Kingdom it is between £359 – £760 and Follow-up £100-£200). If you go to rich countries the price may be more and in poor countries price may be less compared to price for above countries. Mentioned above prices may fluctuate.

Eyebrow tattoo cost Melbourne

Understanding what exactly this procedure is:


It is known fact that this tattoo is generally considered as permanent. But when it comes to semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows tend to fade over some period of time. As skin ages this ink gradually droops. If it is semi-permanent one then you need a touch up after 4-6 weeks of first procedure. You would also need a follow up touch up after one year. It is compulsory that you should maintain this every 1-4 years. It is clear that it is not permanent and needs regular touch ups which incur expenses.


If is permanent tattooed eyebrows then you would be spending $300-$500 as an upfront free. Annual follow up costs very less. It is a fraction of original cost. A touch up costs should never be expensive you must be wary of this. You must know that topical anesthetic is additional cost.

Certified artist:

If you get your tattooed eyebrows done from certified or famous artists then it is obvious that they charge more than what normal artists do. If the artist is accredited cosmetic tattoo professional then he will charge more. Different artist have this certifications as per their resident countries rules and regulations. Certified artists follow a good method of this procedure for safety. Safe method always be good especially health wise.

Before you consider anything above please contact your near by artist to get the right price of this kind of eyebrows.