Eyebrow stencils

Eyebrow stencil Eyebrow stencils are patterns which are used for drawing eyebrow shapes or design for both men and women. These are made from flexible plastic for easy use. This stencil is placed on eyebrows and draws the shape with pencil and then you can wax, pluck or thread the eyebrows that are not in […]

Grow back your eyebrows

If you do not want to take a prescription medication, vitamin supplements can also be used to regrow eyebrows.  Viviscal, a supplement made up of marine proteins, acerola cherry and horsetail extract, hydrates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. Beauty Treatments There are numerous beauty treatments that can be applied topically to eyebrows as […]

Eyebrow tattoo cost Melbourne

eyebrow tattoo cost We have some of the best prices for Tattooed Eyebrows in Melbourne, so get in touch with us to book in your prefect brows. Located in Elstenwick at Remedy Bar. Professional, Clean, safe location.     It is obvious that you wish to know the cost of eyebrow tattoo before you get […]

Is eyebrow tattooing an easy and hassle-free way to perfect eyebrows?

The eyebrow tattoo is actually a trick that creates an illusion to others of full shaped eyebrows. Many of us would desire beautiful eyebrows that can be shaped and groomed to give it a proper shape the way we want them to be. Others would have brows with some spots on them totally absent. For […]